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AssemblyOnline is Assembly Products, Inc's. E-commerce conduit to the world.  We are headquartered in Chelmsford, MA, and have been in business since 1995 as a Value Added Reseller (V.A.R.) of tools and capital equipment used in electronics manufacturing and assembly.  In our home area of New England we represent several capital equipment manufactures.  Our longest standing relationship is with Nordson/Asymtek's dispensing and conformal coating products.  Our support for these products starts at our application lab where we have most of Nordson/Asymtek's latest equipment.  The lab is staffed by a process engineer with over 20 years’ experience with the equipment and related processes.  We conduct process development for local customers, as well as equipment installations and field service.  Our experience with all the products we have represented makes us uniquely qualified to help customers in the electronics manufacturing and assembly market place.  Assembly Products, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Blackstone Global, Inc.

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