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AOI machines

AOI machines

Ovation Grid-Lok PCB support tooling has been designed to fit into all Viscom AOI machines.  It can also fit into any other AOI machine.  If you are using AOI that is not listed here and need support tooling please contact us.  We only need the dimensions of your machine to design tooling to fit.

Ovation’s award-winning Grid-Lok Gold™ automatic substrate support technology provides electronics manufacturers with a robust alternative to costly and often problematic dedicated fixture plates. Set-up is remarkably fast – taking place in just seconds -- after which pneumatically controlled pins raise and conform to printed circuit board topography, delivering unmatched support particularly for today’s densely populated and highly miniaturized products.

Grid-Lok Gold is available in standard and high-density formats and both enable assembly specialists to easily scale up or scale down by adding or removing modules from the system. The simple solution for substrate support for screen printing, component placement and inspection processes, Grid-Lok Gold operates independently of the machine host and, therefore, eliminates the need for operator intervention. All modules are ESD compliant.

Search for the Grid-Lok tooling you need by Flying Probe Manufacturer (modules are non-conductive) - or- contact us for help.