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Medium Series

Medium Series

Nanuk Case - Medium Series of Protective Cases are water - and impact-resistant carrying hard case that allows you to carry your essentials safely. They feature patented PowerClaw Latching System that clamps the case tightly, using compressive force, while the integrated slide lock prevents the case from opening during transport or when dropped.

Every Nanuk case comes equipped with two padlock-able laches molded directly into the case for better strength. TSA approved combination padlocks are available as an option to keep your items secure within your case. The handle structure is molded with formulated high-impact NK-7 resin but is over molded with a soft touch rubber for comfort. The soft shock-absorbing material reduces fatigue when carrying heavy loads. The neoprene shoulder strap incorporates Aircell comfort technology to reduce fatigue further when transporting your case. The shoulder strap can easily be attached to all Nanuk cases without any additional hardware.

Each Nanuk case is stackable with other cases of the same size. Integrated feet on the rear of the case interlock with the front of the case, allowing for multiple cases to be safely stacked on top of each other to save space or for transport. The integrated bezel system on the lower portion of the case allows a panel kit to be easily installed, without having to install a secondary bracket or drill holes in the side of the case. The medium cases features an integrated lid that stays molded into the hinge and keeps the case lid open when you need it to stay open.

Each of our medium line of Nanuk cases comes equipped with:

  • Impact resistant lightweight NC-7 Resin, built to keep your luggage light, while ensuring that your devices and valuables stay shockproof and crushproof.
  • Fully customizable protective interior options, so that you can adapt your interior to the exact instrument that you’re transporting.
  • A PowerClaw latching system built for complete security. Add one of our TSA certified pad locks to keep the wrong hands out.
  • Dustproof IP6X Rated seals that will keep your camera gear dust free and ready for tack sharp shooting.
  • IP67 waterproof gaskets that are designed to maintain a perfect seal, even after years of use.
  • Innovative pressure equalization technology, so that not even air pressure can alter your instruments.
  • And more!
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