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Nordson EFD Precision Stainless Steel

Nordson EFD Precision Stainless Steel

General Purpose Tips

Made from burr-free, polished passivated stainless steel, Optimum® general purpose dispense tips are ideal for handling a wide range of assembly fluids.

These tips deliver precise, consistent deposits every time. Designed with our own unique polypropylene SafetyLok™ hubs that fit securely onto the barrel reservoir, general purpose tips prevent leakage and ensure drip-free dispensing.

Each hub is designed with flush mating of the hub to the cutoff for smooth fluid flow and to prevent trapped air, which causes dripping and drooling. Burr-free passivated stainless steel tubing ensures consistent fluid deposits. Each hub is also manufactured and quality-tested to be free of molding flash – bits of plastic that can block fluid flow and cause inconsistent deposits.

***Tip hubs are color coded by size to help identify the gauge or internal diameter. Tips are also packaged in clear boxes for easy inventory control – with lot numbers, part numbers, and other information clearly labeled for greater process control and traceability.***

  Video: Dispense Tip for Low-Viscosity Fluids