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Nordson EFD PTFE-coated Tips

Nordson EFD PTFE-coated Tips

PTFE-coated Tips

Optimum® PTFE-coated dispense tips control wicking to stop dripping. By providing fast, clean cutoff they increase productivity and reduce material waste.

Dispensing tips designed for optical media applications. The fast, clean cutoff reduces wicking and dripping.

Ideal for particle-filled material and optical media applications, these tips also eliminate potential clogging for more accurate dispensing.

The unique SafetyLok™ hub thread ensures safe, secure attachment to the syringe barrel. Each hub is designed with flush mating of the hub to the cutoff for smooth fluid flow and to prevent trapped air. Each hub is also manufactured and quality-tested to be free of molding flash – bits of plastic that can block fluid flow and cause inconsistent deposits.

***Tip hubs are color coded by size to help identify the gauge or internal diameter. Tips are also packaged in clear boxes for easy inventory control – with lot numbers, part numbers, and other information clearly labeled for greater process control and traceability.***

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  1. 25 Ga. Red, .50" PTFE-Coated Dispensing Tip, 20/box
  2. 23 Ga. Orange, .50" PTFE-Coated Dispensing Tip, 20/box
  3. 22 Ga. Blue, .50" PTFE-Coated Dispensing Tip, 20/box
  4. 21 Ga. Purple, .50" PTFE-Coated Dispensing Tip, 20/box

4 Item(s)

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