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Axiom Base Model

Axiom Base Model

X-1010 & 1020 Axiom Dispensers

The Axiom™ systems are designed to meet high-volume dispensing requirements for inline semiconductor package and printed circuit board assembly.

The systems offers precise control over positioning accuracy using sealed glass linear encoders.


  • Provides enhanced fluid dispensing control with choice of jet or pump: DJ-9000 DispenseJet, DP-3000 linear positive displacement pumps and DV-7000 Heli-flow™ pumps
  • Supports a full range of applications, including flip chip and CSP underfill, dam and fill, die attach, and thermal compounds
  • Unique CAN bus architecture for efficient operations now, and simplified integration for future improvements
  • Closed-loop linear-encoded X-Y positioning system with fast-motion acceleration ensures high throughput
  • All new and enhanced pattern recognition system with red/blue LEDs for a larger dynamic range of lighting
  • No periodic calibration required
  • No special needles required
  • Backwards-compatible software – customers can use existing dispensing programs
  • Many Asymtek pumps already work with the X-1020 – protecting investments in pumps and valves

Recommended Applications

  • Underfill for flip chip and chip scale packaging
  • Chip Encapsulation
  • Dam and Fill
  • Solder Paste
  • Thermal Compounds