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Delta Regis ESB6

Delta Regis ESB6

       Delta Regis ESB6 Cordless Screwdriver Series

Add freedom of movement to your assembly process with the new Delta Regis ESB6 Series Cordless Screwdrivers. This battery powered screwdriver utilizes the same precision shut-off clutch technology that is the foundation of the Delta Regis electric screwdriver product line. High-performance 18V Lithium Ion Batteries provide plenty of power run times between charging cycles.


  • 18VDC Brushless Motor requires no maintenance
  • Precise Shut-off Clutch provides excellent repeatability
  • ESB6 Series covers a torque range of 1 - 22 Nm(9 - 194 in lbs)
  • Hi/Lo Speed Selection switch on screwdriver
  • High performance 18VDC Li-Ion Batteries (purchased separately)
  • Slide switch for selection of Forward/Reverse rotation; clutch operates in CCW direction at approx. 30% higher torque level than CW setting.
  • Versions available with either internal or external torque adjustment
  • Green/Red LED's and audible indicators alert operator of proper clutch function at shut-off. Agreen LED and short beep confirm that the tool has shut-off correctly, a red LED and long beep singlal an incorrect cycle.
  • To conserve battery life, the screwdriver goes into sleep mode when idle for more than 3 seconds.
  • Front facing LED illuminates fastening area when the trigger is pulled
  • Bit hold accepts 1/4 in hex power bits, optional square drive available
  • LED indicator warns the operator of lower battery capacity - the red LED will flash when 20% capacity remains and light continously at 10%
  • Charging station (purchased separately) provides quick recharge time

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  1. Cordless Screwdrivers: ESB6-X.35

    Cordless Screwdrivers: ESB6-X.35

    Part Number: ESB6-X.35
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  2. Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-RA60

    Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-RA60

    Part Number: ESB6-RA60
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  3. Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-RA45

    Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-RA45

    Part Number: ESB6-RA45
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  4. Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-RA30

    Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-RA30

    Part Number: ESB6-RA30
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  5. Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-22SQ

    Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-22SQ

    Part Number: ESB6-22SQ
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  6. Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-22

    Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-22

    Part Number: ESB6-22
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  7. Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-15

    Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-15

    Part Number: ESB6-15
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  8. Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-12

    Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-12

    Part Number: ESB6-12
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  9. Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-8

    Cordless Screwdriver: ESB6-8

    Part Number: ESB6-8
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