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Delta Regis ESL

Delta Regis ESL

             Delta Regis ESL Series

Solid construction and innovative design make our most popular series of electric screwdriver ideal for torque critical assembly operations. An ESD safe ergonomic housing encloses the fan-cooled motor and precision shut-off clutch mechanism, providing superior operator comfort and excellent torque repeatability.


  • Torque Ranges: 0.2 - 41.0 In Lb
  • Speed Ranges: 370 - 1,000 RPM
  • Lockable External Torque Adjustment - optional torque locking sleeve makes it easy to set up and secure
  • Wide Torque Range - single model versatility
  • Rare Earth Magnet Motor - high torque output
  • Low Torque Reaction
  • Compact - light and easy to handle
  • Ergonomic - less operator fatigue
  • Select models feature ESD safe housings
  • CE Certified
  • RoHS compliant
  • Lever Start and Push to Start models available
  • Accurate torque control
  • Lockable external torque adjustment - easy to set up and secure with optional torque locking sleeve
  • Suitable for installation of miniature screws
  • compact - light and easy to handle
  • ergonomic - less operator fatigue

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  1. Electric Screwdriver: ESL301P

    Electric Screwdriver: ESL301P

    Part Number: ESL301P-ESD
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  2. Electric Screwdriver: ESL500LT

    Electric Screwdriver: ESL500LT

    Part Number: ESL500LT
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  3. Electric Screwdriver: ESL_211S-ESD

    Electric Screwdriver: ESL_211S-ESD

    Part Number: ESL_211S-ESD
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  4. Electric Screwdriver: ESL211S-ESD

    Electric Screwdriver: ESL211S-ESD

    Part Number: ESL211S-ESD
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  5. Electric Screwdriver: ESL211-ESD

    Electric Screwdriver: ESL211-ESD

    Part Number: ESL211-ESD
  6. Electric Screwdriver: ESL210S-ESD

    Electric Screwdriver: ESL210S-ESD

    Part Number: ESL210S-ESD
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  7. Electric Screwdriver: ESL210-ESD

    Electric Screwdriver: ESL210-ESD

    Part Number: ESL210-ESD
  8. Electric Screwdriver: ESL385PE

    Electric Screwdriver: ESL385PE

    Part Number: ESL385PE
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  9. Electric Screwdriver: ESL300P

    Electric Screwdriver: ESL300P

    Part Number: ESL300P
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Items 1 to 9 of 18 total

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